Your moving is challenging but doing it the right way can make it stress-free and practically fun! Check the best moving companies in Vancouver.

START EARLY Get an early start to reduce mistakes and stress. Find the best local moving company with plenty of time to work out the details.

CHEAPER ISN’T BETTER Don’t go with the cheapest movers you can find. If you focus on quality and reputation you have a much better chance of enjoying the experience.
If you want to move an office or long distance moving, you need to find a professional office and international moving company. Vancouver Movers is the best Vancouver moving company and also your best choice

BE OPEN AND UPFRONT Be completely open with your local moving company about your expectations. Discuss even the minutest details with them to be sure you’re completely satisfied.

REDUCE CLUTTER IN ADVANCE If you’ve always wanted to eliminate clutter in your life, moving is the perfect time to do it. Get a head start on clearing out old junk. Doing it early enough will reduce your moving costs and prevent you from making mistakes. Vancouver Movers also has the service to recycle your moving waste.

PLAN FOR MOVING AND ARRIVAL Plan for the move while also planning for your arrival. Decide ahead of time where you want things to go in your new home. That way Vancouver Movers can design your house just right as furniture is moved in.

SURVIVAL SUITCASE Have a “Survival Suitcase” packed before the day of the move. Even if you’ve marked your boxes extremely well you won’t be able to find everything you need right away. Make sure your essentials are close at hand.

USE GOOD BOXES Invest in good quality, sturdy boxes. Ask your local moving company such as Vancouver Movers for professional moving boxes. The earlier you get started the more selective you can be.

DON’T OVERLOAD You don’t want to overload boxes as they might break or be too unweildy to move. Pack big boxes with light items and small boxes with heavy items so nothing gets overloaded.

VALUABLES Write down all of your valuable items and which box they’re in before you pack them. Then check your list thoroughly at the end of your move noting if anything is damaged.

CHINA, GLASS DECORATIONS, FRAGILE ITEMS Wrap each piece in paper. Include plenty of padding on the bottoms, sides and in the corners of the box so pieces have no room to shift around at all. If you’re using professional movers, consider having them pack your fragile items. Companies are usually only liable for the things they pack themselves. So if they pack it, you’re essentially insuring it.

LABEL YOUR BOXES This will not only tell you where to find your items when you unpack but will ensure that each box is put in the right room by the Vancouver Movers.

SENTIMENTAL OR PERSONAL ITEMS Make sure you keep these items with you during the moving. This includes passports, birth certificates, jewelry, car titles, financial documents, laptops, cash, school records, prescriptions, etc.

More Importantly,
Let Vancouver Movers to handle the moving in Vancouver Area,
relax and enjoy your new home!

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