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When choosing a mover, a lot of people don’t stop to consider that they will be entrusting everything they own to that company. Just think about how long

it took you to acquire all of your possessions and how much money you have spent to purchase them. Then think about those items you own that have

sentimental (not necessarily monetary) value, like the china passed down from your grandmother. To whom would you trust these “treasures of your world”


It is doubtful that you would trust just anyone who claims to be a mover! The best moving companies are the ones who have made major investments in

safe modern trucks and moving equipment. Vancouver Movers, one of the best moving company in the Vancouver area, is a professional moving company

that will take your home anywhere locally, nationality and internationally. With professional skills and first class customer services, Vancouver Movers

built a solid client base in Vancouver. We offer all-inclusive moving services from packing, cleaning, transporting to settling into new homes; one-

stop moving solution to free you completely from all the hassles.


Vancouver Movers vs Do-it-Yourself

The major factors that come into play when making this decision are cost, timing and resources. Many people are very surprised to learn how economical

(in terms of money and reduction of stress) professional moving services providers can be. When you stop to consider all that is involved in a move you

quickly realize that moving is hard work and requires specific skills. That’s why moving is best left to the experts, Vancouver Movers!


Sure, on the surface it appears that you will save some money if you do it yourself. After all, what is the big deal with moving You just toss your stuff into

some cartons, rent a truck, load your furniture on a truck and then unload it at the new house. What could possibly go wrong


Professional Packing vs. Do-it Yourself

Well, let’s start with the packing. Go through your house. Look in all the cupboards and drawers, go down to the basement, go out to the garage and just get

an idea of how many things need to be packed. Overwhelming, isn’t it when you see how much stuff you have How long will it take to do all of this packing

Do you have enough time to take on this task between your job, taking the kids to their activities and all of the many other demands of daily living


And, how do you make sure all those valuable and fragile items (like the good china passed down from your grandmother or received as wedding gifts)

doesn’t get broken during the move Wouldn’t it be easier to have Vancouver Movers that specializes in Canadian moving services handle at least some

of the packing for you


Professional Moving Equipment or Rental Truck

Renting a truck shouldn’t be a problem, should it Well, for starters when you move in the peak summer season, rental trucks are at a premium. There

are a few other issues that can arise when you rent a truck to do your own move:


You could end up renting a truck that is too small or having to take whatever is available. This could result in multiple trips, which extends the moving

day or days for you and whoever is helping you move.

What happens if the truck isn’t in good mechanical condition and it breaks down

What happens if you don’t rent enough moving blankets, dollies etc. to properly protect your furniture

Do you know how to drive a truck It is a little different than driving a car.


Vancouver Movers vs. Reluctant Volunteers

Now for the most difficult part of doing your own move: Who are you going to get to help you load and unload the truck Given what a hard job this is,

and how little free time people have, you may find it really hard to get volunteers to assist you. Anyone who has done this in the past is not anxious to

repeat the experience, no matter how good a friend they may be. On a more serious note, there is always the possibility that someone may get injured

trying to help move a house full of furniture. Back injuries are quite common. Slips and falls on moving ramps are another frequent hazard.

Vancouver Movers, on the other hand, are properly trained and experienced in how to safely and efficiently load a truck. A few other things to consider

in terms of helpers for a do-it-yourself move:


What happens if one or more of your “volunteers” cancels with short notice or doesn’t show up on moving day

Do you and your “volunteers” actually know how to load furniture on a truck in order to maximize the amount of items in the available space

If you are moving out on the same day the new owners are expecting to move in (a big no no!), then what happens if you are slow loading the truck and

they can’t move in Technically you could be required to compensate the new owners for waiting time charged by their movers.

The foregoing are just a few things to consider when evaluating whether it makes more sense to go for Vancouver Movers rather than struggle to do your

own move. The extra money spent to hire a professional moving company will pale in comparison to the hidden costs and degree of stress that will most

likely be the end result of a do-it-yourself move.


More Importantly,

Let Your Vancouver Movers to handle the moving in Greater Vancouver Area, relax and enjoy your new home!