One Month Before Moving

Create a folder to keep all records related to the move. You can also use a legal-sized envelope.
If you are going to need temporary or permanent storage for some of your items now is the best time to figure it out. Your Vancouver Movers, one of the best moving company in the Greater Vancouver area, is a professional moving company that will take your home anywhere locally, nationality and internationally. With professional skills and first class customer services,Your Vancouver Movers built a solid client base in Great Vancouver. We offer all-inclusive moving services from packing, cleaning, transporting to settling into new homes; one-stop moving solution to free you completely from all the hassles.





Figure out a floor plan of the new home to figure out what furniture you can take with you and what new furniture you may need to get.
Hold a garage sale or go through all of your belongings and donate what you don’t need to the Salvation Army—they’ll even do a pick up for free.
Contact schools, doctors, and dentists to transfer your records to the new location and to get referrals from them as appropriate.
Your Vancouver Movers will deliver packing materials to your home ahead of time for a small fee! If you would rather handle acquiring packing materials yourself, now is the time to start collecting boxes, tape, and all related packing materials to keep your belongings safe as they are being transported.
Make any home repairs that you may need to make (especially if a deposit is on the line). Get it over with. If you need advice on finding a handyman, just call Your Vancouver Movers!

3 Weeks Before Moving

Need help packing? We would love to assist you! However, if you’re up to tackling it yourself, make sure to pack all loose items into boxes and/or bags (this is the single most important step that you can take).
Make sure to keep boxes well labeled by room as well as those holding fragile materials.
Use smaller boxes for books and other heavy items.
Bag soft items (clothes, bedding, etc.) in kitchen trash bags or contractor bags.
Separate out any valuables that you will need to move yourself (keep them together).
Set a box aside that will be filled with items you will need the day you move.
Fill out a change of address form with the U.S. Postal Service (don’t wait until the last minute or mail you need won’t be at your new home).
Make sure that friends, families, neighbors, and employers all have your new address.
Notify your insurance and credit card companies of your change of address.

2 Weeks Before Moving

If you will need items right away, make sure you pack them separately and don’t just throw them in one gigantic box.
Begin packing suitcases to have all necessary items (some clothes and toiletries) handy.
Cancel the following services at the old home: newspaper/magazines, housecleaning, lawncare and water delivery.
Get rid of any flammables such as paint, propane, gas, etc. Your Vancouver Movers will take your grill, just not your propane tank as it’s a hazmat.
Continue trying to use up any perishable food.

1 Week Before Moving

Clear hallways and stairways of obstructions so that large furniture items may be loaded into the truck first
If possible, pack stereos, TV’s, and computers in their original boxes with their original packing material
Empty the contents of drawers.
Defrost and clean the refrigerator.
Pack a bag of snacks and water bottles to make sure you have ample supply on moving day.
Make sure to separate and hang on to the things you are moving yourself.

Moving Day

Remove and pack your bedding. A large box or trash bag works great.
When Your Vancouver Movers arrives, we will walk through the house and listen to you to best understand what you exactly need us to do.
Once the old home is empty, Your Vancouver Movers will do a walk through just to make sure everything is loaded up and ready to go.
Lock the windows and doors and turn off the lights at the old place.
At the new home verify that all utilities are on and working properly.
Perform an initial inspection of the new home and note any damages or problems.
Your Vancouver Movers will ask you to direct us to place everything where you want them.
Begin unpacking. Need a hand? If you let us know in advance, our office will schedule an unpacking appointment!

Post Move (One to Two Weeks Out)

Confirm that mail is arriving at your new home.
Confirm that the utilities at your old home have been canceled and that they are no longer in your name.
Verify that all of the following have your new address: banks, credit cards, IRS, loans, insurance, pension plans, attorneys, accountant, doctors, dentist, family support, newspapers, magazines, licenses, memberships.
Schedule a time get your driver’s license updated with your new address.
Update your renters or homeowners insurance to make sure everything is adequately covered.

More Importantly,

Let Your Vancouver Movers to handle the moving ,
relax and enjoy your new home!