Many people are under the mistaken impression that all moves are the same regardless of where you move to. Becoming educated about the long distance moving process is critical if you want your move to be a success. Making the effort to learn what is different about moving long distance will help you choose the right moving company and save you from having a nightmare moving story. Vancouver Movers, one of the best moving company in the Greater Vancouver area, is a professional moving company that will take your home anywhere locally, nationality and internationally. With professional skills and first class customer services, Vancouver Movers built a solid client base in Great Vancouver. We offer all-inclusive moving services from packing, cleaning, transporting to settling into new homes; one-stop moving solution to free you completely from all the hassles. We hope that this list of Moving Tips we have compiled will help you prepare for the move.The following list of three of the most important things to remember when moving long distance will help you understand the process better.

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1. What Type of Moving Company Can Handle a Long Distance Move?

Simply stated, not all moving companies are capable of properly handling a long distance move. There are many local moving companies who can do a good job when the distance between the origin and destination location is relatively short, but not when the distance is more than a few hours away. These companies typically have limited resources in terms of: equipment, drivers, crews, insurance coverage, warehousing for storage and in some cases, commercial license restrictions.

By contrast a long distance moving company, especially one that has a national van line affiliation, is capable of handling all types of moves including local, long distance and international. This type of moving company has extensive resources.

2. How Pricing a Long Distance Move is Different from Pricing a Local Move?

Local moves are priced on an hourly rate plus the cost of any extra services like packing of cartons. Movers estimate the cost based on how long they think it will take to load the truck, drive to the new residence, unload the shipment and return to their facility. Some movers will flat-rate travel time. People can accidentally increase their own costs is if they’re not ready when the mover arrives. If you are still packing it may delay the process and thus increase costs.

Long distance moves are priced based on the weight of the shipment and the distance being travelled. These factors are applied to the company’s tariff schedule. The secret to getting an accurate estimate is to work with a professional moving company that will send an experienced moving consultant to your home to view every item that is being moved. Using the latest moving estimating software this representative will provide you with a comprehensive print-out of exactly how they arrived at the estimated weight. Your specific requirements will be taken into account and options will be presented to help you stay within your moving budget.


If you do price shop you should be very wary of a company who has a rate far below that of its competitors. Also be concerned if the company refuses to send someone to your home to perform the survey/estimate. There are a lot of fixed costs involved with running a moving company and keeping the equipment properly maintained. When fee’s are significantly less than every other competitor, this is a sign that they are significantly cutting costs somewhere.

3. How a Delivery Date is Established on a Long Distance Move

We have all seen the large 18 wheeler moving vans heading down the highway. Most trailers are 53’ in length and can hold over 30,000 lb. of furniture and other household goods. In order to transport these shipments in an efficient manner, moving companies use what is known as a “time transit guide” which takes the weight of the shipment and the distance to be traveled into account when establishing a delivery schedule. Companies like Vancouver Mover are in a better position to provide you with your preferred move dates as they have more shipments to draw on.

This delivery date is included on your moving contract with companies like Vancouver if we are late, then you will be eligible for out-of-pocket expenses including accommodation, food or even car rental if your automobile is on the moving van.

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