Are you a first time mover, or a seasoned moving expert? Are you moving a long distance or into the two-bedroom apartment across the way? Are you relocating to your beach condo in Kirkland, or downsizing to a smaller house? Have you purchased your first home and are now corralling excited children and persuading them to help you pack?

The most important thing to do is to find a professional and reliable mover. Vancouver Movers, one of the best moving company in the Greater Vancouver area, is a professional moving company that will take your home anywhere locally, nationality and internationally. With professional skills and first class customer services, Vancouver Movers built a solid client base in Great Vancouver. We offer all-inclusive moving services from packing, cleaning, transporting to settling into new homes; one-stop moving solution to free you completely from all the hassles.


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1. Create a moving Master Plan

Moving requires a lot of thought and planning. It is a mental exercise in memory and mindfulness as you methodically uproot your entire life to recreate it in another location. So, how can you keep some method to the moving madness?

Write it all down. Every thought, even if it’s disorganized in the moment. The simple act of writing it down will help you to remember it later, and once you’ve got all these thoughts and figures plotted down on paper, you can organize it to create your Moving Master Plan.

On this plan, include lists of everything you need to do before, during, and after your move. If you’ve got errands to run, things to clean, or stuff to sell, it should be charted on your moving-out Bible. Here’s a bullet point list of common things that you probably should have on your Master Plan:

Cancel utilities
Fix-ups around the house – like patching the drywall, repainting the walls to the original color
Purchasing or finding boxes and packing materials of various sizes
Renting a storage unit or a safe storage vault through your Seattle moving service
Set up internet in the new place
Drop off paperwork at the realtors or bank
Apartment inspection
The order in which household things should be packed
The things that you just can’t live without and should NOT be packed under any circumstances (yes, your cell charger makes the top of this list – right above your toothbrush)
Whew…honestly, this list could go on for miles. As professional movers in Seattle, however, we know the importance of this task. A good list can save your sanity during a move.

2. Label your boxes

As a professional moving company in Vancouver, we cannot stress enough the importance of knowing where your boxes need to go. You could be hunting for your son’s favorite pajama pants for weeks unless they are packed in a box that is properly labeled so as to be easily found. This is especially important if you are putting some things in temporary storage. Getting boxes mixed up on moving day means lots of trips to and from your storage vault, digging around in all your tidily packed boxes to find your missing ‘can’t-live-without-you’ items. So!

Grab your sharpie or your color coordinated duct tape (read more about that here) and start labeling. If you are doing a short move, you probably don’t need to get detailed on the boxes. If, however, it will be a while before you’re going to be able to crack those boxes open or if you’re putting them in storage, take a little extra time now to write on the sides or on your master plan what items are in each box. This little time will save you lots of time later – we promise!

3. Get Help and Use the Right Moving Supplies

There is no need for you to lift that 250lb armoire by yourself. Nor is there any necessity for you to wrap your glasses and plates in old t-shirts (though that might be a clever use for the t-shirts you grew out of 10 years ago). By using the correct packing and moving materials, you will keep your belongings safe and prevent yourself from getting hurt. Moving boxes or items that are too heavy for you can cause muscle strain and back pain.

Instead, get help from a professional moving company. Vancouver Movers will do all the heavy lifting for you, and can also provide you with the correct packing and moving materials you need to keep your belongings – and yourself – safe.

Looking for help with your move? Contact Vancouver Movers and talk about your moving needs with one of our experienced movers. We pride ourselves on being a trustworthy resource for our moving clients, and on our ability to efficiently and safely move our clients into their new home or into a storage vault.

More Importantly,

Let Vancouver Movers to handle the moving ,
relax and enjoy your new home!