Vancouver Movers – Two Month Moving Schedule

Moving can be very overwhelming. Vancouver Movers is committed to making the process as simple and painless as possible. The moving checklist form Vancouver Movers covers everything from moving companies to utilities and packing.


Eight Weeks Out: Determine What You Need For Moving

Get moving quotes: you can make an appointment with Vancouver Movers to visually survey your home and prepare an estimate. Vancouver movers would provide you with a more accurate estimate of space requirement than a layperson. This will prevent you from underestimating your moving space.

Decide whether you will pack yourself: professional moving company like Vancouver Movers offer packing service. Your agent will answer any questions you may have about packing services.


Seven Weeks Out: Select A Moving Service

Simplify your moving process: In your Vancouver Movers portal, you can read your contracts and ask for on-demand access to tools designed to simplify your move. Your Vancouver Movers page also list contact details for your move coordinator. Your move coordinator is always available to help you with your questions. Making sure you keep his or her name or number throughout your move.

Locking in your moving date: If your date is available, be sure to pin it down. While booking your move, it is better to confirm your date and moving plan for safety.


Six Weeks Out: Notify All Service Providers And Utilities

Review your personal accounts: Go through all your personal accounts like banks, credit cards and other entities that should be informed of your change of address.

Contact utilities companies: arrange to disconnect all your utilities after moving day.

Order moving supplies: Read overview of moving supplies provided by Vancouver Movers and start considering about what you will need on hand.


Five Weeks Out: Lighten Your Load

Get organized: Go through all your rooms and check what is worthy of making move with you and what should be get rid of. For everything you don’t want to keep, you can have a garage sale to sell them or donate it to charitable organizations.


Four Weeks Out Moving Checklist: Confirmations and Cars

Check for any changes of plans: Is there any changes on the items you plan on moving? Be sure to update with your moving agent.

Confirm auto transports: Confirm that if you need to drive your car to a loading site for auto transport, or you will be driving on the moving day. Be sure to have your cars properly serviced before your moving.


Three Weeks Out Moving Checklist: Prepare Family And Belongings

Plan for your trip and first night in your new home: Think about what your family may want to have with them during your move and on your first night in your new home. Make sure that they are not at the bottom of the moving van where you cannot get them.

Begin Packing: It’s a good time to start packing your family’s less frequently-used items such as books and out of season cloths. Read Packing tips from Vancouver Movers and pack carefully to make potential damage to minimum.

Plan for moving high value or breakable items: See Vancouver Movers’ special tips on how to move china safely.

Prepare appliances: Make an appointment with a service technician from Vancouver Movers to prepare your major appliances for shipment.


Two Weeks Out: Plan For Pets And Overlooked Items

Don’t forget to pick up items from servicers: Pick up anything you’ve had cleaned, repaired, altered or serviced. Empty lockers at places such as the club, gym, dance studios, sports training facilities or bowling alleys.

Return borrowed items: Be sure that you have returned anything you borrowed from friends or neighbors.


One Week To Go: Check Last Minute Details

Check in with your move coordinator: Reach out to our Vancouver Movers’ move coordinator. Go through your moving plan with him or her to confirm accuracy of details.

Finalize packing: Be sure that everything is ready before your moving day.


Moving Day Checklist

On site to view your boxes loaded: Remain close by until your staff has been fully loaded onto the truck. After making a final tour of your home, check and sign the inventory. This inventory is important and you have keep it safe.

Moving day paperwork include:

Bill of lading: States the terms and conditions under which your goods are moved. It is also your receipt for the shipment.

High-Value Inventory Form: states whether or not items of extraordinary value are included in the shipment.

Before you leave, Confirm: Have you shut off everything and lock all the doors and windows.


More Importantly,


Let Vancouver Movers to handle the moving ,

relax and enjoy your new home!