People always make the same mistake few times while they are moving, and every possible moving mistake will lead to money lost. Sometimes takes a lot of time and energy which cause unnecessary frustration. To save you from making these mistakes, Vancouver Movers have created the guide to avoid making the biggest mistake when planning a move.

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  1. You don’t plan

Jumping in with both feet is not a good thing when it comes to moving. You should still plan all the things that need to get done even if you have to move quickly in a week or less.  Otherwise, you could end up not having a way to move your stuff or finding yourself in between places to live.

  1. Hire the first mover

This is one of the biggest mistake you can make. Choosing between the right and wrong mover can make or break not only your move but also whether or not you see your things again. Bad movers are out there, so you need to make sure you do your homework and research the mover company before you sign the contract.

  1. You did not get the quote from mover

Getting a quote in writing from a mover is essential to ensuring you have a contract that you can later refer to should anything go wrong. It provide you with an agreement that both parties sign so that many people accept quotes from Vancouver Movers over the phone. You should always take the next steps to getting the quote in writing.

  1. You did not book the moving truck in time

If you choose to move yourself and need to rent a truck, you have to book that rental long time before moving day.

  1. You did not have a moving budget

Some people really don’t like keeping track of their financial transactions and sticking to a household budget. However, creating a budget is the best way to ensure that you save money. Vancouver Movers recommend you create a budget for your moving because moving is very expensive and always have a money loss.

  1. No inventory of what you are moving

You have to take a home inventory before you start packing your staff. This means you need to take note of all the large items in your home and count the number of boxes. You need a list to refer to, for the insurance company or Vancouver Movers since things can get lost.

  1. Your insurance isn’t enough

Not purchasing enough insurance is a pretty common mistake but one that’s easily avoidable if you know more about what’s covered, who’s covering it and for how much.

  1. No plan on how to move heavy staff

If you choose to hire Vancouver Movers, you should let us know which pieces are difficult to move or if anything is high valuable. You need to plan how you’ll move the awkward stuff so you don’t waste too much time on moving day trying to figure out how to get that sofa through the door.


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