Vancouver Movers have gone through so many moving process, and we hope this post can become guides for anyone who wants moving to be as easy as possible.

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  1. Gather supplies

Gathering boxes, packing tape, roll of bubble wrap for fragile items, black markers, Band-Aids, trash bags. When gathering boxes, you can stop at your local liquor store to grab a few boxes with divided inserts. These boxes are very good for safely transporting alcohol and other kitchen liquids like oil.

  1. Clear Floor space

Dividing your home into four different locations and mark each area as packed box to move, giveaway, charity donations and sell. These areas are where you put the items until you finish packing your things. In addition, the area holding your sell items should be easily accessible from the front door or in the garage so that the potential buyers can see the product easily when they pass by.

  1. Packing

The first act of packing should be an essential kit without tape. These will be the first staff you unpack in your new home. These includes cleaning supplies, two or more rolls of toilet paper, a frying pan, a few paper plates and plastic utensils, sheets for all the beds, and anything else you will need the first couple days in your new home. The second act of packing should be a suitcase with two weeks of clothes and supplies. This includes your toothbrush and toothpaste, a couple bath towels, soap, shampoo, hair dryer and anything else that is part of your daily hygiene routine.

  1. Signs in new home

Making large print signs for your new home with room names. These signs will make it easier on you and anyone who will help you move boxes into your new home.

  1. Labeling the boxes

Labeling the top and all four sides of a box with a short explanation of what is in the box and what room the box should be placed in at the new home.

  1. Trash bags

Only use trash bags for trash. This will keep you from accidentally throwing something valuable away. If you want to use trash bags for transporting charity items, use differently colored bags and write donation on the bag. Be sure to let the ink dry before using the bag.


More Importantly,

Let Vancouver Movers to handle the moving ,
relax and enjoy your new home!