Packing is very challengeable if you don’t pay attention to it. Also packing is very time-consuming and it is inevitable that a huge part of time during a moving goes there. There are so many traditional packing tips you can find on the internet with advice such as labeling boxes which is valuable indeed. Here Vancouver Movers would like to give you some surprising packing tips and tricks that are quite useful.

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1. Rolling you clothes instead of folding them when you pack your clothes because this can save a lot of space so that you can put more staff in the same space. Clothes that are close to being thrown away could be packed with you and used up until the clothes in your boxes arrive. Then just ditch them. No packing and arranging. Also, using larger boxes for lighter items and smaller boxes for heavier items.
2. Taking photos of all boxes you have packed after you have finished labeling them. One picture per box. Just photograph them instead of making a list can help you keep easy track. You can tell immediately if Vancouver Movers miss something when we pop up in with your staff. We are all human so it can possibly happen to us although we are very professional. In addition, you should take a photo of your traveling bags in case of losing them. If you lose your bag, you need to fill in a form describing your losing bag, having a photo of it can make things become easier.
3. Paying attention to how you pack your traveling bags. Put all valuable items such as money, credit cards, documents and laptops with you. Also, you can use socks to pack more socks, this can let you have more spaces in your moving luggage.
4. Prioritizing your items when packing. This is a rare packing tip for moving. Put the items you will only need just in a case like a jacket at bottom. At the top, you should put something you will need immediately after you move in such as underwear and towels. When you place them above everything else in the travel luggage or open-first box, you won’t have to dig in through other unnecessary right now stuff to get to them and this will save you time.

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