If you want to get rid of all the clutters with a blow-out garage sale, you should check out 7 tips below that are provided by Vancouver Movers to figure out how to set prices for the clothes, furniture and other staff you want to sell.

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  1. Put a Price Tag on Everything

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not putting price tags on garage-sale items. Nobody wants to ask how much for everything they have interests. Some people might be too shy to inquire.

  1. Do some planning

Arrange a day before your sale to stick price tag on everything. You can put all the similar items together before you begin. For the big items, you should use large stickers so that people can see it more clearly. For the price tag, you can buy it at retail stores or make it by yourself.

  1. Price Accordingly

The guideline for the valuable items is usually around half of its original price. Big items like furniture and stereos can go for anywhere from $5 to $50. Clothes and kitchen appliances can go anywhere from 25 cents to $5.

  1. Do Some Digging

You should check out garage sales in your neighborhood to see what other people charge.

  1. Determine Your Goal

If your object is simply to clean your unwanted staff, you can price them on the low side. However, if you want to make some money, you can price most items cheap and some others at midrange. Only if you have some high-quality items that people want and a few days to hold your garage sale, you possibly can make a lot of money. When you have staff cannot be sold out, you can give them to a donation center nearby.

  1. Offer Deals for Buying In Bulk

You can put a sign on the book table: Hardcover $1 a piece, seven for $5. Do the same with CDs and DVDs.

  1. Sell Collectible Elsewhere

People shopping for garage sale will not pay a lot for collectibles. If you have some collectibles are in good condition, you should try to sell them online first. It is same for selling new electronics and valuable furniture.


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