Moving to a new apartment is a great and exciting new chapter in a person’s life. However, moving day itself is one of the most stressful days you will ever go through. As Vancouver Movers has gone through this process so many times, we can tell you some little tips to make the whole thing much easier.

1. Find Free Moving Boxes
Moving always includes a lot of unexpected costs, some of which are very unnecessary. One of there is buying moving boxes. You can easily find perfectly good boxes in clothing and grocery stores, as well as the Craigslist free section with no cost.
2. Pack Clothes on Hangers
It is a waste of time if you choose to remove clothes from hangers and fold them. Plastic wrap is your best friend. All you have to do is zip-tie all hangers together and wrap the whole lot in plastic wrap.
3. Load Furniture with Drawers
If your drawers have handles that stick out, you can unscrew the hardware and place the handles on the inside. This can help you prevent them from scratching other items during moving. You can also put other items in your drawers during moving.
4. Color Code
Keeping all your boxes organized is one of the hardest things during moving. It is always very difficult to find things when you arrive at your new apartment. This problem can be solved through a color-coding system which let you glance at each box and immediately know which room the contents belong to.
5. Pack Plates
Broken dishes are one of the moving disasters that you definitely want to avoid. You can pack them vertically like records, and they will be less likely to break in transit.
6. Pack Mirrors and Pictures
If you thought plates were difficult to keep intact, wait until you have to pack some mirrors and glass picture frames. In these instances, you’ll have to pack each item separately, wrapping it in bubble wrap or packing paper like a present. Make sure you label the outside of the box “fragile.”
7. Use Towels and Sheets
Linens take up a lot of spaces in boxes that can be used for other things. You can wrap fragile objects in your towels and sheets, and save a lot of bubble wrap in this way. Two birds with one stone!
8. A Quick Way to Fill Holes in the Wall
Some holes on your apartment walls can cost you a lot of money upon moving out. You can fill them in using a bar of soap to prevent this. Rub the hole with the bar until it is filled.

More Importantly,
Let Vancouver Movers to handle the moving,
Relax and enjoy your new home!