The first question on the minds of most folks who are about to move is where I can buy moving boxes? Here Vancouver Movers list some advices on where you can find moving boxes easily.
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1.Liquor stores and bars
These establishments get deliveries every day. And those boxes need to be strong enough to tote big bottles of vodka and gin, as well as cases of beer. That means that they should be plenty strong enough to carry your books, kitchen items and dishes from one house to the next. Plus, these establishments might be small enough that they break down cardboard by hand, rather than in a large compactor.
2.Hit Up Your Friends IRL
Sometimes just combing the virtual world won’t cut it. Ask family and friends for box hook-ups– in real life. Seek out that family you know with 5 or more kids. They do a lot of shopping at Costco and other bulk stores. The packaging on items from those stores could be a real boon to your box search. Your friend that works at the grocery store might be able to hook you up with a supply of nice clean boxes as well. You want to make sure you steer clear of produce containers or anything that has seen the inside of the butcher’s section. And don’t even think about the seafood crates. Leave those for someone that doesn’t mind their new pad smelling like the ocean.
3.Check out local schools
If you have a high school in your neighborhood, there may be a gold mine of boxes left over from bulk food shipments or textbook deliveries. Call the main office of the school to offer to take extra cardboard boxes off their hands. They may be receptive to getting rid of the extra packaging without doing the breaking down and recycling that is normally required.

More Importantly,
Let Vancouver Movers to handle the moving,
Relax and enjoy your new home!