The use of a storage unit can be very helpful both before and after the move since the storage can allow you get organized before moving day and keep clutter while you are in the selling process. It can also hold those items you do not have room for or no longer want until you can find time to sell or donate them. However, there are things you should remember before you store just anything in the storage. Here is what not to store in the storage provided by Vancouver Movers.

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1.High value items
If you have an irreplaceable item you really like and do not want to risk damaging, you should not take the risk of placing it in a storage unit. The reason is the extreme high temperatures of the storage can destroy your china or your old photo albums. If you have no other choices but to store them, be sure to invest a temperature controlled unit.
The lack of air circulation means temperature can get extremely hot or cold and either of which can damage your televison or computer. While you can store a large appliance, keep in mind that you can not plug it in because yo would create a short circuit or malfunction if you doing so.
3.Dangerous chemicals
While you might not think there is much harm in storing your extra cleaning supplies or gas barbeque in the unit, flammable and explosive substances can ignite quite easily in an enclosed unit, putting the entire facility at risk. If you do have to store an item that uses gas – always drain the gas first. Similar rules apply to things like ammunition, fireworks, and toxic chemicals.

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