Moving is not always the quickest job to do, so your Vancouver mover have provided some tips on how to make your move easy, efficient and quick!
1) Always pack an overnight bag with your essentials
Moving can be a very long process and unpacking can be even longer. Since you are most likely tired from a long day, you do not want to have to search around for things in different boxes and create a mess. Having a small bag with your overnight essentials allows you to not worry about finding things right then, and allows you to get some rest and start the unpacking tomorrow!
2) Pack with clothes, bubble wrap, and clean newsprint
Although your kids may love bubble wrap, try wrapping your breakables in clothing to save money and it’s eco-friendly! This also gets your clothes packed so it’s a good two in one win. If you want to keep your clothing separate from other items, we suggest using bubble wrap or clean newsprint for packing. If you use normal newspaper, you have to clean everything it touches once you’ve unpacked.
3) Have a labeling system
To make it easier for the movers and for you, instead of just labeling what is in the box add what room it will be going to as well so that it can be put there straight away. Another idea for labelling is to use a color system so each new room has their own colour and you can put that color label on the box. In your new home, putting that same color label on the appropriate room will help the movers know where each box goes so you do not have to move them around later.
4) Avoid liquid leaks
Nobody wants a shampoo or lotion spill when moving! A quick trick to keeping clean is to take off the lids, wrap the top in saran wrap and then put the lid back on over top. Even with the saran wrap lids, we suggest always avoiding packing cleaning supplies, hazardous materials, and any other liquids, with other items. Always have these items packed separately with identifiable marking so your movers know to pack them last. Alternatively, you could carry them in your own vehicle for safe travelling.
5) Take a picture of your electronics’ setup
Since we are not all technology wizards, taking a picture of how your electronics are put together before disassembling them will save you time in the future when putting them back together, as you can follow the picture to see where each cord attaches. When you’re packing up your electronics, always ensure that your cables, cords, and remotes are in one place and labelled so you know where everything belongs. You’ll thank us when you go to set up your electronics, trust your Vancouver mover!
Mike the Mover has a full selection of packing supplies, and world full of knowledge to make your move an easy transition from house to home.