Finding a good moving company is just like finding any reliable business—whether it’s a law firm, a marketing agency, or a real estate agent. You have some people will be upfront with you about the job and others who won’t. Some companies will help you along the way and charge more as a result. Others will offer to do everything at a ‘next to nothing’ price—and you’ll get left with a hole in the bag as a result.Your Vancouver Mover can give you a hand.
In this blog, we’d like to give you some tips for picking a good moving company and hopefully save you some time and money as a result. This first thing to know is this: you shouldn’t make judgement based on pricing. There are many ways to find good moving companies in the Guelph, Cambridge, Waterloo or Kitchener regions, so keep reading to find out!
1. Reputation of the Moving Company
Reputation is very important for most businesses and moving companies are no different! Check to see if your movers are part of a group like the Canadian Association of Movers. Search reviews for their company on Google My Business or using the Better Business Bureau. If they’re a big and established organization like Mayflower Canada or United Van Lines, for example, then they’re probably a safe bet—although you’ll pay a price to match.
2. Insurance Options & Advice
It’s very important to make sure you’re covered for insurance during a move. Accidents happen on the road and you want to make sure your assets are protected. If your own insurance will cover the move then you’re lucky! If not, you will sometimes have the option to buy insurance from bigger moving companies. Ask about it beforehand—a good moving company will be able to advise you on the correct insurance options.
3. Longevity of the Business
Bad businesses tend to disappear over time. If a moving company has been around for a while, then it’s probably because they’re good at their job. Ask around your community to see if people have experience with them. Find out when their business started. If they only have a few years of experience, you may want to think twice!
4. Size of the Moving Company
Growth is typically a sign of success. As a result, bigger moving companies are usually the best options—if you can afford them! The more they have, the more they can service. If your move requires transporting some unusually large or fragile pieces, then it will be more likely that a bigger company can accommodate you—so bear this in mind when choosing.
People don’t always put as much thought into choosing a moving company as they would when choosing a lawyer or a real estate agent. But these people will be taking care of all your worldly possessions—and they’re not asking much when you think about it! Moving is an essential service; you can touch and see the results of it. So don’t underrate the service provided & put some thought into your choice!Your Vancouver mover is best choice you can get.