Why Choose Professional Movers Over a DIY Move?Your vancouver mover tell you answer

As countless people have probably told you, moving home is no easy task. There always seems to be so much to do and so little time to do it in. Even if you start preparing for your move weeks in advance, your moving date almost always ends up creeping up on you, resulting in a last minute rush. Even so, many people feel they have to handle all aspects of the move themselves as they haven’t got the money to be “throwing it away” on professional moving services. However, many of the people that have this mindset have never actually looked into the possibility of using such a service and if they did, they would most probably be pleasantly surprised. When you take your time and the cost of hiring all of the required equipment to carry out the move yourself, the difference between a quote from professional movers and the cost to do it yourself isn’t usually that great. Your vancouver mover is a leading moving company that operates in Vancouver, and has a proven track record spanning three decades. Professional movers are so much more than competitive on price though; they are able to offer a whole range of advantages.

The Benefits of Using Professional Movers to Help You Relocate

Nowadays movers can help you with each stage of the moving process, from completing all the necessary preparation to actually moving all your belonging from your old place to your new place, to helping you unpack in your new home. The vast majority of people typically take on the preparation and unpacking phases themselves (if you need any advice on making a moving checklist, please don’t hesitate to ask), but require help when it comes to the move itself. Using professional movers is a wise investment and you can expect to experience the following benefits:

Speed Comes from Knowledge – Professional moving companies will always get you moved in less time than you could do it in yourself simply because they know what they are doing. They dedicate their lives to this task and have most probably done it thousands of time before. Much of what needs doing is second nature to professional movers, meaning everything is done without having to really think about it, resulting in a huge saving in time. Don’t drag your move out over 3 or 4 days and add additional stress to your life; call our professional movers and get it done in a single afternoon.

Relax Instead of Stress – When taking care of everything yourself a home move can be unbelievably tiring and stressful, and you’ll probably find it difficult to relax until you’re all set up in the new place. The problem is that by that time you’ll be so tired that you won’t actually be able to enjoy it. Moving home should be exciting, but a DIY move usually turns out to be something you will dread rather than look forward to. Moving home isn’t just emotionally draining either; heavy boxes and furniture can put considerable strain on your body too! Why not let Europa movers take care of everything for you so you can get on with your life as normal?

The Proper Equipment is Always Used – When trying to carry out a DIY move it can be tempting to try and lower costs by working with the equipment you do own rather than purchasing what you don’t own. Many times this means using equipment that is not fit for purpose, which significantly increases the chances of your items breaking or getting damaged while in transit. The vehicle is the main issue; not many homeowners own a large truck and squashing your items into a smaller vehicle is never a good idea. Professional movers like Europa Moving & Storage, however, have all of the equipment necessary to complete your move safely and quickly including purpose build moving trucks, quilted moving dollies and the tools required to disassemble (and then reassemble) pieces of furniture. Protect your items and use professional movers!

Accidental Damage? We’ve Got You Covered – Professional movers are legally obliged to accept responsibility for the items that they transport, and unless you sign a waiver (you might be thinking “why”, but doing so can often lower your moving cost), the company will have to repair, replace or make a cash settlement with you should anything get accidentally damaged. If you carry the move out yourself, you simply won’t have this cover and should you break something it will be up to you to replace it.