The following short distance moving tips will give you more information on what to expect from your local move, including vital advice on what’s the best way to move short distance, how to choose the best short distance movers (if you decide that using professional relocation services is exactly what you need), how much short distance movers cost, and whether or not you are supposed to tip your professional helpers.
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What’s the best way to move short distance?

Often, the best way to do something is a balanced combination of easy and cheap. Therefore, if you do manage to find a way to complete a task with minimum efforts and that successful completion won’t cost you too much in the end, then usually that is the best method do it. But the moment you transfer that simple idea to the world of residential moving, then things suddenly become a bit more complicated than they actually need to be.

What’s the easiest way to do a short distance move?

Without a doubt, the easiest way to move short distance is to leave all the move related work to people who you can trust with your personal items. Or at least the tasks that either will eat up huge chunks of your time (packing up your entire home is one good example) or jobs that you can’t possible finish on your own even if you tried (disassembly or re-assembly of large furniture, carrying large items out of the house, or loading the moving vehicle). You may also have special items in your home that will require even more special handling than your ordinary belongings – specialty items include but are not limited to pianos, antique furniture, huge and heavy furniture pieces, pool tables, hot tubs, heavy safes, kitchen appliances, and so on.

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What’s the cheapest way to move short distance?

It’s important that you know how to look for and possibly find cheap short distance movers as your relocation partner. Moving only a short distance has its clear advantages, and one of them is the lower overall price compared to a long distance move across the country. After all, there’s a huge difference whether your final destination is hundreds or thousands of miles away, or whether it’s conveniently located just across town or within the reasonable limit of 100 miles.

Read on to learn the proven steps of finding affordable local movers to take care of the details for you. However, it’s only fair to mention that under specific conditions /listed below/, the cheapest way to move locally may be to organize a DIY move with the help of a few good friends.

How much does it cost for short distance moving?

More often than not, it’s the price that will determine what type of relocation you choose for your short distance move: professionally assisted relocation (short distance moving companies) or non-professionally assisted one (friends + a rented moving truck). To help you decide between the two options before you, here’s more information about what you are expected to pay in both real life scenarios.