For many apartment movers, in the midst of moving into your new apartments, you’ll have many things listed on the apartment packing side of your to-do list. However, packing up your apartment shouldn’t be an item to worry about, especially because it’s often a stress or if you wait until the last minute. To ease the hassle of packing up your apartments, there are a few things you can do in advance to prepare for your move into your new apartments:

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1. Stock up on boxes beforehand.

Apartment movers should stock up on cardboard/plastic boxes prior to transferring your things into your new apartments. This won’t only help you get enough boxes, but it will help you start packing earlier since you’ll have the boxes in your apartments. We suggest about three to four weeks before you move into your new apartments, you either ask friends or family for boxes or purchase boxes from a store specializing in shipment and moving materials, like U-Haul. Another tip for apartment movers is to ask local stores in the area for boxes that they’re throwing out. Grocery stores, book stores and clothing stores often throw boxes in the dumpster behind the building. Ask a store clerk if there are any boxes they’re trying to get rid of and don’t mind you taking for moving into your new apartments.

2. Other packing supplies to consider.

While boxes are a necessity for apartment movers when moving apartments, you may want to consider other helpful packing supplies that’ll make everything easier on you and your move into your new apartments. Bubble wrap, plastic peanuts, foam, newspaper and magazines are great for packing up fragile items. You’ll need either duct tape or a strong packing tape to tape up boxes once they’re full of items from your apartment. Wardrobe boxes or garment bags are useful for transferring clothes that you don’t want to get wrinkled on their way to your new apartments. It also doesn’t hurt to ask friends who have moved apartments before if there are any other supplies they’ve found useful during the move into their new apartments. You never know what could help!

3. Start packing EARLY.

We can’t stress this one enough to apartment movers. Don’t wait until two or three days before moving into your apartment rentals to starting packing stuff to transfer to your new apartments. Pack a couple of weeks in advance. If you work all day, make a schedule far in advance to pack for at least thirty minutes to one hour every day until you move into your new apartments. Pack up items you aren’t currently using at the moment first. For example, if you’re moving into your new apartments in the summer, pack up winter clothes and boots first and vice versa.

4. Label, label, label.

Now that boxes are packed up to take over to your apartment rental, you’ll want to keep everything organized so you don’t get overwhelmed when your unpacking in your new apartments. For apartment movers the key is to label boxes. Label boxes with the apartment room they came from like “Kitchen” or “Bathroom.” You can also list a few items that are inside each box so it will jog your memory as you’re unpacking in your new apartment rentals. Also, label any boxes that contain fragile items so if friends or movers are helping you move into your apartment, they will know to be careful. This tip is a simple step that will make moving into your new apartments that much easier and organized.

5. Pack similar items together.

Aside from packing your items by apartment room, pack similar items together in each room because they’re most likely going to be going into the same place in your new apartments. For example, if you’re packing up the kitchen, pack all plates into the same box. If you’re packing in the bedroom, pack all shorts, jeans and bottoms into the same box. Not only does this help with packing organization, but once you’re taking everything out at your new apartment rentals, it’ll be easier to put everything back up in dressers, cabinets, etc.

Bonus Tip: Make a fun playlist of your favorite songs to listen to while you pack your apartments. Whether it’s on iTunes, Spotify or even a mix CD, some of your favorite fast-paced songs may help to keep you motivated while packing your apartments and make the move into your new apartments fun.