Small Business Moving Tips for Commercial Moving

//Small Business Moving Tips for Commercial Moving

Small Business Moving Tips for Commercial Moving

When you have a move ahead for your small business, don’t fret: the whole commercial moving process can go smoothly provided you prepare thoroughly beforehand. As a small business, you have an advantage in that you have dedicated employees to help with the move, and you likely don’t have as much “stuff” as a large multinational corporation. Still, a commercial move does present its challenges even for the most organized boss. Check out these tips to help your transition go seamlessly.

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Designate Someone to be in Charge

As the boss, you can’t do everything. You’ll have your own plate full with daily business operations, so you won’t be able to oversee every commercial moving detail. For that, designate a trusted colleague or employee, or even a small group as your moving committee. Their responsibility will be to organize the move, finalize appointments, plan out the floor layout and make sure everything that needs to get done, gets done!

Set a Commercial Moving Date

Be wise about planning your commercial moving date. If possible, plan it for your slow season so everyone isn’t running around in a panic to meet end-of-quarter deadlines AND tackle a move at the same time. If you must schedule it during a busy time, at least schedule the move for a weekend for the least amount of business disruption.

Research and Hire Movers

Do your research and flesh out your local options for commercial moving companies. Stick to the reputable ones who have been around awhile, who get good word of mouth reviews, are licensed and bonded, and provide solid references. The lowest price isn’t always the best, so be careful when you weigh rates against professionalism.

Get On-Site Quotes

Be sure to invite any potential movers to your new location for an on-site quote rather than an online or phone quote. To get an accurate price, the movers have to see the layout, take measurements and ask questions.

Get in Touch with Vendors and Clients

Well in advance of your move, notify your clients, customers and vendors of your commercial moving date to ensure they have plenty of time and resources to contact you in the new place. Make sure your copier machine and vending machine vendors, for example, will be able to move and set up the equipment in your new digs.

Pack Everything Up

You can’t do this until just before the move, at least for the daily important stuff. Be sure to tell employees to back up their files, box up their office belongings and label everything according to your specifications, i.e., color coding system. Take inventory and mark everything down on a master sheet to be safe.

Get Rid of Anything Obsolete

For the stuff that you haven’t used in awhile or that’s obsolete, get rid of it. Why pay to move things you won’t use at the new office? Donate old equipment to schools and charities and write it off on your taxes. Shred old documents that are just taking up space. Think of this as a much-needed purge!

Moving your office certainly isn’t easy, but it can be done with minimal stress provided you approach it with care and planning.

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