Not every apartment movers is given 60 days to move out of an apartment. If this sounds like you, you need an emergency move out plan to get you out of your one bedroom in seven days. 

Day 1:

Getting a moving quote should be one of the first things apartment movers should do. You will have the opportunity to speak with moving companies who can meet your tight deadline of a week, shop for quotes, and make a decision all while you prepare to move out.


It’s a one bedroom apartment; attack the room with the most stuff which more than likely is your bedroom.  Use your suitcases and duffle bags for packing clothes and box everything thing else that won’t fit. Make sure to label boxes by their respective room.

Day 2:


The bathroom is should be one of the easiest rooms for apartment movers to clear out. Place all toiletries in boxes and make sure to discard of any flammables.


Moving out of the kitchen is fairly simple. It involves throwing out perishable items, boxing up silverware, and packing up non-perishables. In order to help clear the fridge, plan meals for the next seven days. To avoid losing your security deposit, make sure to also clean out the refrigerator and cabinets.

Day 3:

Living Room

If your living room consists of the essentials (TV, coffee table, TV stand, bookshelf, DVDs, and entertainment system) then you will definitely want to make sure you wrap and pack everything properly to prevent damage during the move. If you have a car, it may make sense to keep expensive electronics with you.

Day 4:

Contact cable and utility companies to inform them that you will need to cancel services. Make sure to also visit your local post office or go to to submit a change of address form. Use this day to tie up loose ends around the home. Confirm with the mover that everything is still on schedule for move day.

Day 5:

Apartment movers should spend today making sure you are prepared for tomorrows move day. Confirm boxes are labeled properly, the house is cleaned out, and handled mail forwarding.

Day 6:

Throw a going away party if there is time. If there’s not much time for an impromptu going away party, use this day to rest before the big move tomorrow. Have all your boxes in order for the mover to come in and complete the move.

Day 7:

Today is moving day. Make sure you are up early and ready for movers to come in. Keep a few bottles of water and snacks readily available to keep the energy up so you can be on your way. Before the truck leaves, do one last walk-through to ensure everything has been loaded on to the truck.