Vancouver Mover knows that if you own a china cabinet, then you must know how delicate, elegant and beautiful that piece of furniture is. What’s more, china cabinets usually contain expensive and sentimental chinaware. Not to mention fragile crystal glassware, priceless heirlooms, pricey collectibles and other highly treasured possessions of yours.

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What to Know

You’ll soon be facing the challenge of all relocation challenges – how to move a china cabinet to another home so that nothing bad happens to it. One wrong movement will send a breakable piece on a short flight towards the floor, remember? One careless step could ruin your prized furniture piece made of delicate glass and finished wood.

Here is Vancouver Mover‘s tip. Before you can actually pack up and move your china cabinet itself, you are strongly advised to do these things. Remove all the fragile items that it holds in display, wrap them up correctly, and pack them safely in suitable containers. The safest way to pack china comes down to 1) having good quality packing materials, 2) not skimping on those packing supplies, and 3) following the basic safety rules of packing fragile items.

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The Tips

Get hold of high quality fine china packing supplies. This is a must-do step for packing china dishes quickly and safely. The major china packing supplies are:

  • Dish boxes. You will need dish boxes. These will provide the best protection for your breakables. It is due to their double layer of thick corrugated cardboard. Vancouver Mover suggests that you purchase such containers either from a local moving company or from an office supply store near you. Do not worry if you can find them. Standard cardboard boxes can also save the day but then you should make sure you provide more padding and cushioning to compensate for the weaker protection of single-walled boxes.
  • Bubble wrap. The well-known air-filled plastic material is ideal for protecting the chinaware and crystal glasses found in your china closet. Bubble wrap is often considered as the ultimate protection for delicate items when the latter are being moved from one home to another. Purchase as much bubble wrap as you can afford as its beneficial usage can never be stressed enough.
  • Packing paper. Make sure the packing paper you get is soft enough as it will be the very first layer of protection for your delicate china. The more paper you use when packing your chinaware, the better, of course, so be as generous with it as your budget allows it.

The most important tip? Choose Vancouver Mover to help you!