Vancouver Mover: Measure Up Your Ikea Furniture To Make Sure It Fits Into Your New Place

Vancouver Mover suggest that you visit the house or apartment you’re moving. Ensure that your current Ikea furniture will fit indeed. Take a tape measure to see if your furniture will physically fit into its new position. Also? Up staircase. Use your mind’s eye to at least try judging whether the furniture suits the new place, in particularly when you’re downsizing.

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Get Somebody To Help You Carefully Disassemble Your Furniture

Ikea instructions usually claims that two people are enough for assembly. When taking apart the large pieces you’ll notice it’d be rather difficult. When screws are unfastened while disassembling, some panels might be unsupported. They tend to fall over. It is better to involve as many people as possible while taking apart to keep everything aligned.

If you’re on your own, no problem. There is one relatively foolproof way to take apart your Ikea furniture. You follow the instructions backwards. You could also try simply starting at the top and working downwards with smaller pieces.

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Keep All Your Screws Together In A Plastic Bag (and Don’t Lose The Bag)

There’s nothing worse than getting to the other end and discovering that you’ve lost some screws. It is easily done during the hard work and stresses of moving house. The best solution is to bag up your screws and dowels into little plastic sachets. Either tape them to one of the panels or keep them all in a folder. If worst comes to worst remember that Ikea helpfully provide spare components at their in-store help desks but this is a hassle you could really do without when moving.

Layer Up Padding Between Flat Pack Panels When Moving

When loading up the flat pack chipboard panels during a move, the surfaces can easily become scratched and dented. It’s a good idea to layer up with newspapers or towels between panels to pad out the pieces and to prevent them from sliding around and scuffing during moving.

Be Extra Careful Not To Over-Tighten Screws When Reassembling

Some say that it’s best not to remove some of the most crucial screws when disassembling your furniture as they become weaker when refitted. There is some truth in this but if you do it super careful during reassembling, it doesn’t cause a problem. Be sure not to over tighten any screws as they can easily shred the chipboard material inside the panels giving the screws nothing to ‘bite on’.

The alternative is to leave the screws in place but this can make it hard to efficiently load up the panels when moving. There’s also the risk of the jutting-out screws getting knocked perpendicularly which could tear the chipboard rendering the entire furniture piece useless.

Some Pieces Are Worth Keeping In Tact While Moving Such as Malm Drawers

Before you make a dash for the screwdriver and start dismantling your furniture, it’s definitely worth carefully deciding whether it’s worth taking apart, particularly with smaller pieces. The shell of the unit was light and sturdy enough to lift in one piece and what’s really handy is that you can slide the drawers out, fill them up with smaller items and the insert them back into the shell of the Malm once it’s loaded into the van. Otherwise you can have your mover to help for you, they’ll be glad to do that.