You need an experienced residential moving company to ensure a successful, stress-free move
Your Vancouver Movers is the residential movers of choice for any type of residential move, whether you are moving your apartment or your family’s home. Though it may seem like just renting a truck to transport your household goods may be the most […]

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Relocations are among any company’s most critical challenges. Good moves are easily managed and have no operational side-effects. Bad ones can frustrate employees and stall productivity – and in any economic environment, those are worries no company needs. Vancouver Movers has the knowledge, manpower and cutting-edge equipment to handle any type of commercial moving, like […]

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While a regular move is a hassel, long distance move can be a real stress for the entire family, that’s why Vancouver Movers offers a comprehensive range of services to foster an easy transition for everyone involved.

Throughout the entire process of packing, loading, transit, delivery and unpacking, you will be appointed a dedicated moving consultant […]

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Immense weight and cumbersome shapes make piano-moving one of the toughest gigs in the entire relocation industry, but Vancouver Movers knows this song very well. We’ve been safely and efficiently relocating pianos of all shapes and sizes for nearly two decades, following our own special protocols and procedures to ensure the prized instruments continue making […]

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How do you seal your boxes? Did you remember to remove bulbs from lamps? How will you wrap your television? And what will you do with that glass tabletop? These and other touchy packing-related questions will determine whether or not your move will go smoothly. Considerable thought must be given to organization, labeling and other […]

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